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  • Does the THC in the products show up on a drug test?
    The legal amount of THC is 0.3% which does not show up on drug tests.
  • Do I need a prescription or medical card to make a purchase?
    No. You do not need any prescription or medical card to buy any of our products.
  • Do all of your products have THC?
    No. We have products with and without THC
  • CBD Honey Sticks
    100mg per Honey Stick. Sold separately or in packs of 5.
  • Vapes
    Kannaway 100mg Pure CBD Vape Catridges. Vape Juice refill bottles in various mg. Sizes. 300mg. 500mg. 1000mg. Vape Pens various sizes and shapes available.
  • CBD personal care
    Hand Sanitizers Bath Bombs
  • CBD Drinks
    CBD Drink powders water soluable Jucie Joint- 100 mg. of full spectrum CBD in different flavors. Delight carbonated with 20 mg. of CBD in different flavors. CBD Tea Bags CBD Coffee Beans
  • Gummy Bears
    Various sizes avail from trial packs, to 3000 mg sizes available as well.
  • Pre Roll Joints
    Two terpine flavors available.
  • Hemp Flower
    Various strains sold loose or prepackaged by the gram.
  • KANNAWAY Products
    *CBD Paste form highest concentrate available 125mg per serving.
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